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Dyfed Chimneys & Cinnabar Stoves
Installation Terms and Conditions.

Dyfed Chimneys & Cinnabar Stoves: Installation Terms and Conditions.
We provide a personal service and will be understanding towards individual circumstances as far as possible. If you need any further information or advice regarding these terms and conditions, please give us a call or email.

Deposit and installation arrangements:
Payment of the deposit is your agreement to our terms and conditions. Following payment, the estimated time required for your installation will be added to our schedule and reserved.

When a date is provided:
Occasionally it may be necessary for the installation engineer to postpone due to circumstances that would mean it would be unsafe or impossible for the work to be carried out, such as adverse weather conditions.

If it is necessary for you to postpone, a minimum of 2 weeks notice before the arranged date is required. If less than 2 weeks, we reserve the right to charge a reschedule fee of £250. In the event of an unavoidable reason such as a last minute emergency, please let us know at the earliest opportunity.

Failure to provide any notice of refused entry on the arranged date may result in a fee of £600 to cover the cost of administration, the installation engineer’s time in preparation and loss of a day of work.

Dyfed Chimneys and Cinnabar Stoves liaise in terms of installation preparations and requirements for your chosen stove.


Stoves are supplied by Cinnabar Stoves only, to ensure a high standard of service, an appropriate stove for your situation and experienced advice both before and after purchase.

Please bear in mind you receive personalised consultation from an installation engineer with 30 years experience, rather than a sales assistant. As a small family business our stove prices cannot be expected to compete with online supermarkets, however we deliver a full service where the stove and installation are considered equally to ensure the very best results for your circumstances.

After consultation, a selection of suitable stoves will be provided but the ultimate choice of stove is yours. We can only incorporate your preferences, such as style of use, if made aware of them. Stoves are covered by the respective manufacturers’ guarantee and this may vary depending on the manufacturer. Glass, fire bricks, door seals and baffles are viewed by manufacturers as ‘consumables’ and are not generally covered. Cinnabar Stoves will advise and assist with any query or issue regarding the use and enjoyment of your stove.

To maintain the validity of the warranty, regular maintenance, including chimney sweeping and servicing, is required. Dyfed Chimneys provide an NVQ & APICS qualified chimney sweeping service and cover stove maintenance. More details can be found on their website under ‘Chimney Sweeping Services’.

With many years of experience in the installation of flue liners and system flues, we select materials for functionality, quality and reliability. Shortcuts and cheap materials are not cost effective in the long term. We provide all required components and materials to ensure high standards and provide longevity.

Prior to installation please make sure relevant work spaces are free from obstacles and obstructions as far as possible. We take due precaution and operate with utmost care and respect, but please prepare for work which often involves heavy materials, dust and sooty debris or rubble.

Roof work will be undertaken with due care and skill, but where a roof is in poor condition we cannot be held responsible for damage to weak tiles, guttering and such. We shall not be held responsible for any pre-existing damage to the roof or faults in the chimney.

If, due to unforeseen elements, the installation involves further work in addition to what was quoted, this will be regarded as ‘extra’ and fully discussed with you before proceeding. Similarly, if alterations to the originally agreed work need to be made for any reason, there may be necessary amendments to the original price.

Any existing part of a heating system that is to be utilised in the installation is not our responsibility and we are not liable if there are faults within it.

If any connecting building work is to be carried out by yourself or a builder (such as a false chimney breast or installation of a mantel), please consult the installation engineer who will advise in terms of necessary requirements and regulations. This is only possible after payment of deposit.

Warrantees, approvals and HETAS certificate of compliance:
Natural materials such as slate, limestone, and wood may exhibit unpredictable variations. Minor blemishes and imperfections in natural materials are considered natural and are not covered by warranty.

Our work will be in accordance with Building Regulations, manufacturer's instructions and relevant standards. A certificate of compliance will be submitted to HETAS after completion. The HETAS certificate demonstrates compliance with Building Regulations and will be used to notify your local authority building control department. You will receive the certificate from HETAS usually within 2 weeks.

Required authority approvals such as for listed buildings or planning development is the sole responsibility of the property owner. We accept no liability for any rectification work required by a planning authority where permission was not granted prior to the installation.

Manufacturer guarantees apply to all items supplied by third parties. To maintain validity of the warranties for flue liner, system flue and flue components, regular chimney sweeping is required and adherence to use of correct fuels and burning methods.

Payments, complaints procedure and cancellation:
For stove orders, full payment to Cinnabar Stoves is required.
For installation, a 50% deposit is required and balance due on day of completion.

The vast majority of our customers are reasonable and honourable, and we value their custom, it is unfortunate that we need to say to the tiniest minority that this may apply; we do not tolerate unreasonable demands, abuse towards staff or threats of any kind.

If there is any kind of problem or concern before or during installation please contact the installation engineer as soon as possible so a reasonable resolution can be achieved.

Please make payments as promptly as possible. Late payments may incur a 10% interest charge. In the event of non payment we may use HETAS recommended debt collection service.

Should you wish to cancel the installation after agreement to the contract, please let us know as soon as possible in order to minimise expense or perhaps even look at alternative options.

Cancellation will involve payment for services received (such as organisation of your installation and days of physical work), any materials provided and expenses due to cancellation (re-stocking and returns). It is also within our rights to charge for loss of earnings if it is not possible to re-book scheduled installation slots. Relevant costs will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount returned without undue delay.

Data protection:
Dyfed Chimneys and Cinnabar Stoves are both registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) and follow the principles set out in the Data Protection Act 2018. Your contact details and any personal information will be kept in a secure system and only used for our reference purposes.

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